My Brain Manual (with Bonus Courses)

What Will I Learn?

  • 37 pages comprehensive brain manual booklet
  • Includes your personality, Emotional Quotient, Dominant brain hemisphere, Intelligence distribution
  • Know your Strengths and weaknesses
  • Virtual counselling sessions embedded with this brain manual which helps you to give an in-depth understanding
  • Exclusive Self Growth Mastermind Facebook group access
  • Self-excellence workbook to dive deep and know yourself better
  • WhatsApp and email support
  • Booklet comes with a high-quality printable version
  • It comes with some Bonus courses
  • 1 - Learn to think - It is a course which takes you through the process of thinking and help you to get better in it.
  • 2 - Neuroscience for self development - Give you some time-tested brain hacks to use neuroscience for self development
  • 3 - Magic of Neuroplasticity - This course will make you understand importance of neuroplasticity and give you some strategies to improve it.

Topics for this course

35 Lessons

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Brain Manual Test

Self Excellence Workbook

Course 1 – Learn to think

Course 2 – Neuroscience for self-development

Course 3 – Magic of Neuroplasticity

3,499.00 + GST

Material Includes

  • Exclusive Facebook group access
  • Brain Manual test
  • Brain Manual booklet
  • Self Excellence workbook
  • Learn to think - course
  • Neuroscience for self-development - course
  • Magic of neuroplasticity - course