Fundamentals of Success B1


In this Bundle there are 5 sessions

1 – Boost your productivity with Google Calendar – Use technology to be more organized and productive

2 – 5 Mantras to kill anxiety – Anxiety is the major issue most of our population is dealing with right now. In this session, you’ll get to know how to overcome this.

3 – Overcome Self-doubt – If you face self-doubt often, this session will give you some tips to overcome it.

4 – Crush Procrastination – This session will help you to deal with procrastination.

5 – Goal setting Basics – You’ll get to know basics of goal setting

Hope you’ll enjoy and learn from these sessions.

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Topics for this course

5 Lessons

Bundle of 5 Mastermind sessions

Session 1 – Boost Your Productivity with Google Calendars00:00:00
Session 2 – 5 Mantras to Kill Anxiety00:00:00
Session 3 – Overcome Self-Doubt00:00:00
Session 4 – Crush Procrastination00:22:00
Session 5 – Goal Setting Basics00:30:00